Open House

As an innovation platform for and by the Event Industry, Open-House is dedicated to support the complete industry, no matter how big or small, with the challenges they face. Additionally, Open-House helps other industries by using its network of events and festivals to facilitate a testing ground for innovation.


Connecting Innovators to important players in the Festival Industry

Open-House visualizes and spreads these challenges for the world to see and solve. They scout interesting innovators who provide a solution and connects them to players in the field. They can help innovators by kickstarting their company based on their solution.


Festivals as Testing Ground for other Industries

Open-House partners with festivals to stimulate innovation in other industries by using the festival as a testing ground. Open-House brings together a powerful community of talented entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and partners on a unique testing ground, the festival as a so called living lab. We work from the idea that a festival is a temporary, miniature city in which many things are possible!


Solving problems by initiating Research and Development Projects

Some problems are not easily solved by the market itself. Solutions for those problems need to be researched, tested and prototyped. We initiate Public Private Partnerships to help creating solutions for those tough challenges.


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