10 Reasons Why You Should Sleep On Our Holy Ground Camping

Last year we sold out all camping tickets within two hours. Would you like to be one of these lucky people who manage to get a ticket to the Holy Ground Camping? Then get your tickets here and prepare yourself for all the madness. Your weekend at the Holy Ground is guaranteed to be the best weekend of your year. That’s why we have put together all of the advantages for you.


1. You join the pre-party on Friday 

Mysteryland can not start early enough. Therefore, we organize an exclusive party on Friday at the camp including a program full of surprises. Please ensure that you peak early to save your ammunition for the following day.


2. You can party longer on campingafters

In the context of better to have a good night of partying than have a bad night of sleeping, on Saturday we organize a delicious after at the campsite. So don’t worry about going to bed immediately after the festival. We will announce the exact program of the camp later.


3. Your festival begins even earlier

Normally you can arrive on the festival site from 11am. If you sleep on the Mysteryland Camp, the party begins even earlier. Even during the morning there is a lot to experience on the campsite. Your festival may not be long enough!


4. You sleep next to the festival site

Oh wow! Our Holy Ground site is adjacent to the festival grounds. That means that you are with us day and night and after the final show you can head right to bed – if you want to. We can imagine that you would prefer to party a little longer.


5. You can chill out here during the festival in your tent

Such a day at the Mysteryland grounds can be tiring and of course you can go to the Healing Garden or another nice zen spot to get away from it all. But… How relaxing is it to take a moment to sit in your tent, have a beer and grab a sweater for the evening? Oh man, such a luxury!


6. You meet the nicest new people from all over the world

Last year, no fewer than 79 nationalities represented on our Holy Ground and that we find absolutely fantastic. Get an aspirin from your Nicaraguan neighbours in the morning, go to the festival with the lunatics from Portugal and bang with the rest of the world shortly after. At Mysteryland you really feel like you’re on vacation. Besides, you will soon have friends from all over the world.


7. You will experience 72 hours of Mysteryland continuously

Can’t get enough of Mysteryland? Great! This year, enjoy 72 hours of our festival and discover the huge range of music, art, and culture at your own pace.


8. You can sleep with all of your friends in a tipi

2, 5, 7 or 9 persons sleeping in a tipi; that’s just plain fun! The tipi's are equipped with beds including Mysteryland sleeping bags, robes, tables, chairs, and lamps. Bringing your tent and other camp gear is not neccessary anymore. That Mysteryland sleeping bag and bathrobe you can obviously take home as a souvenir.

9. You can leave your camping gear at home

Not only if you are renting a tipi, camping gear you should leave at home. We have many more options to sleep with us at the camp, from basic to luxury. Check out our brand new campsite page to see all of the possibilities. Of course, you can simply bring your own.


10. You can go on for a year with all the adventures you have experienced

Mysteryland has the most comprehensive program of all Dutch festivals and thereby ensure the craziest things to happen. With such a long weekend Mysteryland pocket, you remain reminiscing for a year of beautiful memories, until the next Mysteryland.